The Answer to How Is Yes

The more success a company experiences, the more they risk chaining themselves to their process. You ask them to go a little outside of their routine and they dig in their heels. They look at you like you’ve just asked to take apart the machine that built their business.

That’s not us. We’ve built our company for the agility our customers need. That means you can summarize our approach in one word: Yes.

Of course, we love our operational process. We’ve honed it for efficiency and quality from the bill of materials, through round after round of testing and inspection, to storage and shipping.

Sof-Tek remains flexible to meet your one-off projects that are outside of our normal scope. If something comes up during a project, we stay nimble to meet your needs. We refuse to complain or become rigid. That’s because gratitude drives this economy and we’re eager to serve.

When you think about it, a process is just a path. What really matters is where you want to go.



Offshore Pricing, Onshore Efficiency.

Sof-Tek’s facilities continue to grow to accommodate the needs of businesses like yours.

Our automated wire services cut, strip, label, and crimp wire with shocking efficiency. Meanwhile, our other automated tools populate both through-hole and surface mount circuit boards.

As our automation becomes more and more advanced, we keep the agility to customize and build one-off products for much cheaper than those giant manufacturers.

How do we measure the value of our facilities? By how much they meet the goals of your business.