Customer Story: Bill.

It all started with a problem. Okay, two problems.

Luckily, Bill searched out and solved problems for a living.

On this day, ten years ago, he had driven up to Shasta from San Jose for a trade show. His first problem was that one of his clients needed a way to regulate the temperature on one of their devices. Bill had that one covered. He could picture the device, although it didn’t exist.

His second problem was the doozy. He had to do was find someone to build his idea. Fast.

Bill had earned a reputation in his field for seeing impossibilities as opportunities. Time and again, he had reached into the future to bring an idea to the present. He looked high and low to find the pieces that businesses needed to innovate.

So how did he find Sof-Tek? That’s a funny story.

Bill saw our name and mistook us for another company. We told him we weren’t the people he thought we were. When he strode into our shop, we were three engineers building a robot.

He stuck out his hand and said, “Just the kind of folks I’m looking for.”

Okay. Who was this guy?

He said he he needed a part that didn’t yet exist. He said our robot proved we could make it. “You in?”

Again, who was this guy?

Bill wasn’t tall, but he possessed giant enthusiasm. Call it contagious charisma. Right from the start, it rubbed off on us.

Bill’s order of three prototypes became five.

Five years later, those five parts had become two hundred thousand thermal controls for Bill and his clients.

*That’s two with five zeros.

How does a simple coincidence grow into a business that shapes lives and livelihoods? Maybe it doesn’t. Maybe what makes this story the stuff of legend is not how Bill happened to cross paths with Sof-Tek. That was amazing serendipity, but not the seed that would grow our connection for years to come.

We credit the success of this partnership to our kindred values.

Bill’s relationship with his clients and with Sof-Tek exemplifies integrity, trust, and the willingness to go to the mat for others. He believes in his business partners. He pushes to bring new ideas into reality. After a decade of success stories, his clients know they can depend on him—and he knows he can depend on us.

If you’ve laid the foundation of your career on these values, we’d love to partner with you and your business.