Converting Communication Protocols to EtherCAT


Two questions come to mind.  Why and How?


Let’s start with the Why…  It’s simple.  The “CAT” in EtherCAT stands for Control Automation Technology and is designed to overcome the problem that has plagued equipment communications for years; how to efficiently move large amounts of real time data without delay or jitter.  In common speak, when it comes to choosing a field bus protocol for large complex automation environments, EtherCAT is the best of the bunch.


Now for the How…   Well, there are too many options to say “it’s simple”.  Beckhoff offers a wide selection of DIN rail mounted network gateway solutions that support all the popular fieldbus protocols. For those looking for an embedded or custom solution, Sof-Tek has developed a modular hardware/software core that can easily integrate with a non-EtherCAT product or legacy design. In most cases, we can provide a first article functional EtherCAT interface (hardware and software) within 90 days.


And that’s good news.


As always, if you are interested in hearing more about what Sof-Tek can do for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Meredith Morrow