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EJ Module PCB

Design and Build


Beckhoff Distributing


UL 508A Panel Shop

Looking for custom industrial control panels? Our technicians deliver on time, with the highest standards of excellence and integrity.


Electrical and Electronic Engineering

When it’s time to bid on a project, civil engineers need to know what the electronics will really cost. With precise estimates from Sof-Tek, engineers avoid wasted time and money.


Automated PCB

We craft printed circuit boards with surface mount or through-hole components. Our staff inspects each and every solder by hand.


Automated Cut and Crimp

Get the wires you need, when you need them. We custom cut, strip, and label wires with precision.


Class 10,000 Clean Room

Your projects inspire quality and urgency. That’s why we inspect at every step of the process, from receiving all the way to the dock.


Prototyping Machine Shop

We’re not machines, but we love using them to to design and engineer tomorrow’s best products.